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The documents digitised by the Fondation Napoléon (listed here) are full searchable, and any images can be viewed using the high resolution zoom feature.

  • Lecomte, (L.H.), Napoléon et le monde dramatique, (1912)

    Lecomte, (L.H.), Napoléon et le monde dramatique, (1912)

    • Paris
    • Daragon
    • 1912

    The history of all aspects of the theatre (musical and dramatic) during the Consulate and Empire. An appendix gives a chronological list of all the shows seen by Napoleon Bonaparte. Indispensable guide to the Parisian theatrical and musical world for the period 1799 to 1815. [This document is also available as en epub file]

  • Notice sur l’île d’Elbe, (1814)

    Notice sur l’île d’Elbe, (1814)

    • Paris
    • Tardieu-Denesle
    • 1814

    Containing a description of the island’s towns, augmented with a description of « Buonaparte’s » [sic] voyage to the place of his embarcation. [This document is also available as en epub file]

  • Correspondance de l’armée française en Egypte, interceptée par l’escadre de Nelson, (1798)

    Correspondance de l’armée française en Egypte, interceptée par l’escadre de Nelson, (1798)

    • Paris
    • Garney
    • An VI [1798]

    Selection of official and private letters intercepted at different times by Turkish and British warships, published by the British government in 1798 so as to « open Europe’s eyes » regarding the real reason for the Egyptian expedition and in order to give the true story of this « oriental tale » by publishing the actual experience of […]

  • Mehlisse (E.G.C.), [Liste de prisonniers français], (1826)

    Mehlisse (E.G.C.), [Liste de prisonniers français], (1826)

    • Paris
    • Henri Guillemé
    • 1826

    Tableau of the 16,000 soldiers who fought for France taken prisoner in the period 1810 to 1814 (Russia, Poland and Germany), including a list of all the those soldiers (out of the 16,000) still alive and in Russia. [This document is also available as en epub file]

  • Napoleon’s last voyages, (1906)

    • London
    • T. Fisher
    • 1906

    Being the diaries of Admiral Sir Thomas Ussher (on board the “undaunted”), and John R. Glover, secretary to rear Admiral Cockburn (on board the “Northumberland”), with introduction and notes by J. Holland Rose.

  • Narrative of the proceedings connected with the exhumation and removal of the remains of the late Emperor Napoleon by a resident of St Helena, (1840)

    • St Helena
    • William Bateman
    • 1840
  • O’Meara (Barry), An exposition of some of the transactions, that have taken place at St Helena, (1819)

      Subsequent to the appointment of Sir Hudson Lowe as governor of that island ; in answer to an anonymous pamphlet, entitled, “Facts illustrative of the treatment of Napoleon Bonaparte”, etc., corroborated by various official documents, correspondence, etc.

    • O’Meara (Barry), Documens particuliers sur Napoléon Bonaparte, (1819)

      • Paris
      • Plancher
      • 1819

      Sur plusieurs de ses actes jusqu’ici inconnues ou mal interprétés, et sur le caractère de différens personnages qui ont marqué sous son règne, tels que MM Talleyrand, Chateaubriand, de Pradt, Moreau, etc. ; d’après des données fournies par Napoléon lui-même, et par des personnes qui ont vécu dans son intimité, avec des notes historiques et critiques.

    • Read, A descriptive sketch of Saint Helena, (1815)

      • London
      • Burgis and barfoot
      • 1815

      Map of St Helena.